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A Taste of Tradition: Lanson
Friday, March 1

VCC West, meeting room 110
1055 Canada Place
5:15-6:45 pm


Since 1760, Lanson has crafted champagne the traditional way. Unlike many Houses, they choose to avoid malolactic fermentation. As a result their champagne is crisp, fresh and uplifting, with an exceptional purity of fruit. Still family run, Champagne Lanson is a House proud of its heritage and has an unrelenting dedication to the quality and consistency of its wine.

Featured Wines:

White Label NV
Black Label NV
Extra Age Brut NV
é Label NV
Extra Age Rosé NV
Gold Label 2002
Vintage Champagne 1976

Sponsored by Champagne Lanson

"the true decision-makers of wineries and the wine industry from around the world are all together, so the side meetings and boardroom discussions are more fruitful than any other festival in Canada, which of course, is incredibly valuable."
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