In 2017 the Wine World Celebrates Canada, as Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary of Confederation.

As theme country, the spotlight will be on Canadian wineries – 76 wineries from British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia will be at the festival, nearly one third of which are participating for the first time. This marks the largest gathering of Canadian wineries ever at an international festival. “VanWineFest 2017 offers an unprecedented showcase of Canadian wineries, principals and wines alongside their international counterparts in the Tasting Room,” says VIWF executive director Harry Hertscheg. “Attendees will discover untold connections amongst Canada and the wine world throughout the festival, amidst the backdrop of Vancouver’s vibrant wine and food scene. Let’s celebrate!”

In addition to a special section of the Tasting Room, Canadian wineries will be featured in more than 20 special events, including winery dinners, seminars, a kick-off wine party and a sumptuous grazing lunch featuring all 76 wineries.

“Our industry has undergone such rapid growth, with the number of Canadian wineries almost doubling within the last decade,” says Dan Paszkowski, president and CEO of the Canadian Vintners Association. “It’s therefore an excellent time to showcase ‘Wines of Canada’ at the 2017 Vancouver International Wine Festival. We are confident that festivalgoers will be impressed and wowed by the selection, diversity and quality of our terroir-driven wines, which highlight the best of Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia.”