Law Seminars International is pleased to announce the 10th annual Wine & Liquor Law in BC seminar, February 25 at the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver. The program is presented in conjunction with the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

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The tenth annual gathering of wine and liquor industry professionals will include discussions of the regulatory environment with content that is topical and vital for 2019. You’ll first hear directly from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch on liquor policy priorities. The regulatory update will include a report on the issues considered by the Minister’s Business Technical Advisory Panel and the Panel’s recommendations.

Trade issues, including the R. v. Comeau interprovincial shipping case, continue to take center stage. We’ll discuss ways for small wineries to effectively implement the rules that emerged from the Supreme Court’s decision. On the international trade front, the recent revisions to NAFTA include alcohol provisions that may, in order to satisfy the Americans, necessitate changes to the grocery store model and other areas.

Appellations are another area of international trade friction. We’ll explore how BC’s new geographical indications were created and how they’re working out.

As BC’s wine industry matures, it is interesting to look back on how it developed, and to consider how that will influence our approach to future challenges and opportunities. We are pleased to have Harry McWatters, one of the visionary pioneers for the industry, provide a 10-year retrospective. We’ll cap off the day with a wine tasting reception featuring Sid Cross’s insights and commentary. We hope you will join us for a fun and informative program.

~ Mark Hicken of Vintage Law Group and Chris Wilson of Norton Rose Fulbright Canada, Program Co-Chairs

For information and registration: Wine & Liquor Law in BC