2024 Sommelier of the Year

Ian Casterton, Key Account Manager, Andrew Peller Limited

The Sommelier of the Year Award recognizes working sommeliers who consistently demonstrate an outstanding passion for marrying wine with food and a dedication to exceptional service. This year’s winner, Ian Casterton, Key Account Manager, Andrew Peller Limited, was selected through a hands-on competition organized by the BC Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.

Ian’s love of wine transcends traditional industry roles. During the last 12 spirited years, Ian has worked with import agencies, fine dining restaurants and with a helicopter skiing resort. Currently, he represents Andrew Peller Limited, selling BC wine to Western Canadian restaurant groups. Most importantly, he loves to share his passion for all things vinus to the nerdy, the interested and the thirsty. Ian is presently pursuing the Master of Wine designation.

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