The Tasting Room features 177 wineries pouring 700+ wines. But the International Festival Tastings are more than a tasting; they’re an opportunity to explore all of the wines of the world, and to find new and exciting ways to enjoy them. In addition to the individual winery tables, regional tasting stations hosted by Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Spain will allow festivalgoers to explore the unique wines of a specific area of the wine world.


Australia’s wine roots are steeped in over 200 years of winemaking and wine styles across the country are continuously shifting to challenge the perceptions of today’s wine connoisseurs. Join us to taste wines from multi-generational families, old vines and ancient soils; explore the evolution of classic wines, the introduction of new varieties and innovations in winemaking.


It has been said that there is no wine anywhere in the world that tastes like wine from New Zealand. The balance of extraordinary purity and intensity of flavours set around impressive aroma, distinctive fruit characteristics and appealing balanced acidity is superb. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and other varietals are stylish, exciting wines that surprise, delight and tell our story.


The past decade has been one of great transformation in the South African wine industry. A wave of young winemakers has traveled the globe and implemented best practices back at home, fully embracing sustainable practices and regional diversity.  They also contribute a fresh understanding of the country’s regional strengths. Explore a selection of wines that illustrate the changing wine-making landscape in the country, including a Robertson Methode Cap Classique bubbly, as well as reds and whites from Swartland, Piekenierskloof, the Western Cape, and the Coastal Region.


Passion, excitement, diversity and originality are all found at the Regional Table for Wines from Spain.  Come and join us to discover some of our most famous and not so famous, YET, indigenous grape varieties found all over Spain!  From exciting reds like Monastrell and Mencía to Garnacha and Tempranillo and whites including Albariño and Verdejo, Godello and Viura, they can all be tasted at the same table.  Let us tantalize your taste buds with some perfect pairings of these wonderful wines with some terrific tapas found exclusively at our Theme Country Regional Table.